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Cameron’s Valentine + Lorena Canals

Cameron's Valentine + Lorena Canals

Over the weekend, Cameron and I spent some time putting together Valentine’s for special people in his life. He has so many wonderful family members, friends, and caretakers that I wanted to send them something special to thank them! Since we have friends and family near and far we will be mailing most of them. Luckily my boy usually obliges to his mommas relentlessness camera. There’s something about the snapping noise that catches his attention and I can always sneak in a few cute photos!


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Gray Bedroom Decor

Over the past few months some major nesting in our home has taken place. Not only has it been me nesting but also my husband, Mark. He has re-painted most of the rooms in the house, take doors off of rooms to put new ones on, and finished a few rooms that we had put on hold for a while. See our mudroom redo here. I on the other hand, have been organizing and redecorating like crazy! One room that was top to do on our list was our bedroom and we finally got around to painting it as well as adding some new furniture to it and we couldn’t be happier with the relaxed feel it has!

We first started out by picking a color and as I have mentioned before, my husband owns a Benjamin Moore paint store and I am spoiled with the best paint and the best colors. The color we chose for our bedroom was Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. Which is a soothing gray that goes so well with so many colors. Since our entire home is pretty neutral, we decided to keep the relaxed neutral feel in our room with wooden details and bright whites.
Before we painted this room it was a minty green which although wasn’t bad, it honestly gave me strange vibes with the yellow hue it gave off in the morning sunlight. Anyone who know me knows that I despise yellow colors in rooms. I prefer more soothing colors and yellow just seems to make me feel anxious. The next thing we added to our room was this amazing Safavieh Jeneve Winged Headboard. It is the perfect gray to contrast the color of the room and not blend into the walls. Surprisingly the new headboard opened up our room in a way I didn’t expect. We use to have an iron headboard and footboard and while it was beautiful it sort of closed off the room and made it feel smaller. We do not have a footboard with our new headboard and I think it helps to make the room feel more open!
The next thing we added to our room was some beautiful white dressers I that were purchased from IKEA as a wedding gift. They are the Hemnes style and while I didn’t take any photos of them they add another element of brightness to our room. I removed the knobs that came with it and purchased these Streamline Knobs from Anthropologie. They are gorgeous and add the perfect touch to the dresser. I actually love this dresser and it’s size so much that I am purchasing one this weekend for our son’s nursery! Our sweet little Brady thinks our bed is his so of course I had to add a photo of him for added cuteness!
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Hello Fresh

Week after week, countless hours go into meal planning for my husband and I and although I find it to be satisfying, budget friendly, and rewarding to cook for ourselves, I know I would love to regain that time that I spent planning with my family. I have looked into many different options such as meal planning calendars and programs however nothing has proven to be quite as easy as Hello Fresh has been! With a baby on the way and the hours in the day seemingly getting shorter and shorter it is hard to cook nutritional meals for my husband and I that take out the guess work and planning!

Some of my favorite things about Hello Fresh are the fresh ingredients, easy step by step instructions, and the fact that there is no waste! The serving size is perfect for my husband and I. For this dish I made the Crispy Shrimp Tacos. Shrimp is one of my favorite things to cook because of how fast it takes to cook it. It was perfect for me to make after a long day which included a late workout. I was able to cook it within 15 minutes!
I just loved the spicy slaw that came with the meal and all of the crispiness of the shrimp! We received 6 flour tortillas with the meal which meant we each got three and I had some left over slaw for lunch the next day!
If you haven’t tried out Hello Fresh yet, it is something I definitely recommend! Use promocode BYQUINN35 for $35 off your first box!
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Mudroom Remodel

SOFA: Urban Home
I would be lying to you if I said this remodel came easily. Mark and I have owned our home for over three years now and we have gone back and forth countless times about what to do with this room. It always just seemed like a waste of space and was cold and uninviting. It was mainly used as a workout area for me but finally we decided we wanted to do something great with it and make it a room we would actually use and love and it all started with a grey tufted couch from Urban Home.

It started off as an empty room with faux wood laminate floors that I truly didn’t mind. Then it was half way painted once and then sort of forgotten about. We used this “mudroom” as an entry way and had a hard time with a vision. Admittedly, I took one afternoon trying to paint it to surprise my hard working husband. When he came home he was surprised alright, I had accidentally painted the entire room with primer instead of paint and it was an awful yellow color. I hate yellow… From there we left it be for quiet some time.
Mark had the great idea of carpeting the room and I resisted for quite some time because as I mentioned we used this room as an entryway and we also have our sweet pup, Brady. I just thought of carpet as something that would get old and tired very easily and wouldn’t stand up to the traffic that went through this room. When we saw a deal at Lowes for free installation when you purchased your carpet, Mark jumped at the idea. I still felt resistant but finally caved and couldn’t be happier. This room lacks some insulation as it is right next to our garage and is on a slab because it is not above our basement. We also both thought that with our little one on the way, this would make a good play area for him eventually. We opted for the highest quality padding which makes the floor unbelievably soft. We also got Stainmaster carpeting so that the carpet would hold up!
Besides finally fully painting the room and the new carpeting, we finally re-did the stairs that lead up to our kitchen. This was one of the top things we wanted to do from the day we bought our house. The stairs had the ugliest stained linoleum that no matter how hard I scrubbed it would never get cleaned. We originally thought we would tile the stairs with the same tile we had in our kitchen but ended up purchasing hardwood and having a great friend help install it (thanks Jake!). To be honest this was probably one of my favorite upgrades of the room!
We knew we wanted to make it a relaxing room that everyone in our family would enjoy. We stuck with light colors and the grey is really soothing to us. Even my mom said that she didn’t want to leave the room because of how relaxed she felt. Brady spends lots of time down there now and loves the carpeting. The room has two large windows that let in tons of light and although you can’t see it in these photos, my treadmill currently resides in this room. We will eventually be moving it but I don’t know about running in the garage at the moment! It is too cold!
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