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Fresh Pet
Does anyone else have a picky pup? Every day we would put Brady’s food in his bowl and he would walk away seconds later only to take out a few mouthfuls and drop them to the ground. My little guy loves food but he has always been a grazer. He would go back hours later to eat. I chalked it up to the fact that he wanted to be by our side at all times but when we decided to give Freshpet a go, that wasn’t the case!


Body Boss

Finding time to exercise as a new mom is not always easy. I love going to classes and being in a group setting but that is not always possible when you have a five-month-old. For me my solace comes when I exercise. I am able to clear my head and think about something other than the baby or my job. Sometimes I think breaking a sweat and getting my heart racing is my favorite form of meditation.
Since getting to the gym is sometimes impossible, I have looked of ways I can take a break and work up a sweat while I am at home. My favorite way to sneak in a quick workout has recently been with BodyBoss. Sometimes I only have thirty minutes when I get home from work while Cameron takes his afternoon nap. Since I only have short period of time I look for something that I can accomplish a lot in those short quiet moments. I take to my living room or backyard and I get into one of the many workouts from the Ultimate Body Fitness Guide by BodyBoss, which are only 24 minutes long. First, I started with the bonus 4 Week Pre-Training Program included in the book. If you’re like me and are completely new to the high intensity workout, the pre-training program will help ease you right into it and prep you better for the real cycle! The plan that I have been focusing on is the 12-Week Step-By-Step Fitness Program. The program includes 4 cycles of 3 weeks fun and challenging high intensity workout that I never get bored with! Since I only have a short period of time, HIIT workouts are what I have found help me to achieve maximum results. The quick intervals allow me to work up a sweat and burn fat quickly.
One of my favorite things about BodyBoss is that there is a different guided workout for each day of the week. Not only is there a workout for 3 days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) of the week, there are also stretches/cool down exercises for you to work on before you workout and you are told which days should be rest days as well.

Luckily I have a treadmill at home so I can hop on it for a quick cardio workout on my rest days. Sometimes I will take my entire workout outside for a change of scenery! With the workouts planned out for you each day there is little thought put into what needs to be done on your own. It makes it easy to keep going and also keeps your body guessing. I also like how I can do the workouts at my own pace and am able to gauge how far can I push my body week by week. 

This program is definitely designed to drive BIG results in a short amount of time. With just doing the 4 Week Pre-Training Program, I started to feel more comfortable in my pre-pregnancy clothing and had more energy than before! It is of course important to stick to the workouts closely every week to fully enjoy the benefits of these workouts. 
The guide is beautifully designed with large instructional photos and motivational quotes that will motivate you along the way. The pictures/instructions in the book also help guide you through your workouts should you be unfamiliar with the moves. If you prefer to carry everything digitally, BodyBoss has an online edition that has interactive animations to make sure you are doing the workout in the right form! You can also purchase the package which is both the online edition plus the 200-page booklet here! Each time I start a new week, I am motivated for the workouts for the week and can’t wait to start! Aching from a workout has never felt this fulfilling Plus I am able to complete my entire workout before Cameron wakes up from his nap – perfect for fellow mummies out there! 

No reason for you not to try the BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide! I can’t wait to complete the full 12-weeks and share my results with you guys here! 

Tips for More Rest for You and Baby

We all need a little more rest in our lives and finding rest as a new mother is tough.Since we have had Cameron in our lives for five months now I feel as though I am beginning to be able to get better on how we find more rest. Sometimes there are long days and long nights especially with working full time but it seems as though in our home we have been able to begin to shut down at the end of the night and truly appreciate those hours before bed time that we have with Cameron.
First I wanted to share five tips for more rest for your baby. Cameron still naps a ton thoughout the day and we have been blessed that, for the most part, he sleeps through the night. As any family does, we went through a rough patch where Cameron was up every few hours after sleeping throughout the night like a champ. For the most part now he is putting himself to sleep and staying asleep until about 6am. 
Here are my top five tips for more rest for your baby.
1. Keep on a schedule – Cameron naps almost about every 1.5-2 hours after he woke up from his last nap. I can tell he is getting crabby and can put him in his crib happy to put himself asleep. This helps him to be in a great mood all day long!
2. Play during awake time – Cameron and I spend tons of time doing activities while he is away. He jumps in his Graco Bumper Jumper, plays in his Skip Hop Activity Center, we read books, and do tummy time. For us I think it helps him to feel plenty sleepy by the end of the day.
3. Use white noise – When Cameron was a baby he would listen to Brahms Lullaby on repeat. After doing quite a bit of research I found that the lullaby on repeat was actually disrupting his sleep. White noise helps to cancel out the noise in the house and keeps him asleep longer. 
4. Find sleep products that work for you – For us we have a few products we swear by. The products that Cameron sleeps in every night are his DockATotNested Bean Zen Swaddle, room darkening shades, and his Skip Hop Owl Soother. All of these create a calm sleeping space for Cameron.
5. Practice a nightly routine – From the moment we brought Cameron home we started a sleep routine. Over the past few months we have changed and adapted his sleep routine but I think it helps to signal to him that it is bed time. Now I can put him into his bed and he will fall asleep on his own!
Finding more rest for myself is hard. I am always on the go and currently work full time. Even on the weekends it is hard for me to slow down for a minute. Since we have changed our life and added a little bundle of joy to our family, my rest has had to change. I have found a few ways that I can take a break and relax for a few minutes here and there and at the end of the day!
Here are my five tips for finding more rest for myself.
1. Have a routine – I mentioned above that it helps that we have a routine for Cameron but I also have a bed time routine. Before bed do a few things before getting into bed. This helps my brain to shut down and helps me to truly relax. Some things you can do is have a cup of tea, moisturize your skin, and read a few pages from your book.
2. Meditate – During the day if I am feeling stressed or just need a minute, I will find a quiet spot to sit and breathe for a few minutes. Remembering to breathe is essential and helps me to relax and calm down.
3. Find a great book – recently I shared two books I purchased online. One book, 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most, is great to read in the morning. I usually start my day with the daily devotion and spend a few minutes reflecting on it. The next one I want to purchase, which I think is fitting, is 365 Devotions for Finding Rest.
4. Get some exercise – Exercising helps me to change my mind on whatever is currently happening in my life. I enjoy being able to work up a sweat and get out of my own head for a little bit.
5. Be thankful – Being thankful for my life and what I have is something that gives me more rest. When I take a minute to think about what I have been blessed with I am able to take a deep breath and relax. Always be thankful!

One Year

One year ago today, I married my best friend. Someone who I have almost spent a decade with and have had so many firsts with. We bought our first house together, got our first dog together, and now have our first child together. I have been lucky enough to call him my best friend the past nine years with one entire year of that married. Our wedding was my favorite day ever and I wanted to share some photos with you all. As I sit here and wish we could do it all over again, there is nothing I would have changed about the day. It was pure perfection and I can’t wait to spend a million more years together. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do! XO

Sip of Summer

Martha Stewart Wine Co. Sip of Summer (20% off with promo code QUINN20) || My look: Alice & Trixie Lina Top || White Skinny Jeans
It is hard to believe that it is already August. This summer has just flown by but I have been soaking up every last minute with my family and friends. We have been entertaining, going to the pool, and will be heading to the beach in a few weeks. One thing that is an absolute necessary for me on warm summer days when we are entertaining is a great selection of delicious chilled wines. When it is a beautiful warm day I tend to go for a white wine or rosé. I love having a few different ones to choose from and normally keep one in the fridge at all times so that I can pull it out whenever we have company.
Over the past few years I have subscribed to a few different wine subscription boxes. Most that I have found only come with three wines. With the way that Mark and I enjoy wine, it lasts us less than one week. When I was told about the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Sip of Summer Box I was so excited to find out that it came with six wines to sip and savor these last few weeks of summer! I am so not ready to let go of the warm weather and know I will be enjoying every last moment!
The wines that are included in the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Sip of Summer Box are all award winning wines that are perfect for warm weather entertaining or just sitting on your back deck to enjoy a glass with a loved one. My favorite so far has to be the 2016 Les Muaires Coup de Rosé which has notes of raspberry, peach, and watermelon. It is refreshing and fruity and of course the color reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset.
White wines are normally my choice for entertaining and with the box of 6 I have a stocked wine shelf and am ready to have some guests over to enjoy with me!
If you are interested in the Martha Stewart Wine Co. Sip of Summer Box be sure to shop it with promo code QUINN20 for 20% off! You will also receive 20% off your order site wide!
XO, Michelle

Beach Yoga + Ocean Spray

It was a day in the works for quite some time. The weather hadn’t cooperated and the event had to be rescheduled twice. Finally, we received a break in the rain and some beautiful bloggers and I met up to enjoy some beach yoga and delicious Ocean Spray® Mocktails. I brought together these beautiful ladies to celebrate being a mother as well as celebrate our mothers and share the best advice we have received from them!
I envisioned the day for quite some time. Some of the bloggers I had been following on Instagram for a while and some I already knew. It is always so much fun getting together with a group of ladies who all have a shared interest and who also love trying new things. Some of the ladies had never done yoga before and some were quite experienced. Lauren of Roses and Rain Boots brought her wonderful mother who practices yoga regularly. It was so nice to have her there! Jen from Red White & Denim does yoga all the time and nailed all of the poses! Yinka from Yours Truly, Yinka had such great energy and ideas for photos! Amanda from 5 Feet of Fashion is also a mother and has gorgeous style and a fun personality! I loved spending the morning with all of these truly inspiring ladies!
The drinks we tasted were the all new Ocean Spray® Mocktails. They are non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails! They are so refreshing and delicious and offer an alternative to only drinking water while you are pregnant! These amazing juices are made with all real fruit juice, are 90 calories per serving, and have no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They come in three GREAT flavors, Cranberry Peach Bellini, Cranberry Sangria, & Tropical Citrus Paradise. I do have to say, my favorite flavor of the three was the Cranberry Peach Bellini. I added a little bit of seltzer to mine for a little fizz! I have shared these with some friends who are currently expecting and they LOVE them too!
After the tasting, we got started on some beach yoga. My aunt, Maria, has been a yoga instructor for many years and a great figure in my life. I couldn’t have had a better person be our yoga instructor for the day! She gave us some great tips on our form as well as showed us some new yoga poses to practice at home. She motivated us and gave us some wisdom. We all enjoyed the class and I know I am pretty sore today!
Our event was turned into a relaxing escape with yoga and the tasting of some amazing drinks! I think we all had our favorites and thought of a ton of different occasions that we could all enjoy our drinks! Jen said she was purchasing some for her beach vacation she was heading on shortly. I also stocked my fridge with my favorite flavors to enjoy with company at home or on the go!
Each of these ladies are all so inspiring in so many different ways! We also took the time to talk about the best advice our own mothers gave us. Each of the ladies had such different answers. Stay tuned for short clips for all of us telling our best advice from our mothers!
There were so many beautiful photos it was hard for me to stop including them! Keep on scrolling for some awesome photos from one woman who has been a true inspiration to me, Sasha Dale Photography.
*This post and event was sponsored by Ocean Spray®. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own*