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Lumberjack Mom & Me Halloween Costume

Today we got a little silly on the blog! I have been so excited to bring to you mine and Cameron’s Halloween costumes this year that I thought I would start this week. We have a whole series planned for you with this being our first of three costumes! After searching high and low for family costumes we came up with a few that are partially DIY costumes that can be found for less than $30!


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Plaid + Floral

I always thought dressing a little boy would not be as fun as dressing a little girl but boy was I wrong. More often than not I find myself coordinating our outfits when we are going somewhere. I love being able to subtly match my little boy because I know that one day I won’t be able to match him anymore! As he gets older I know I won’t be able to choose his outfits so I am enjoying every moment of it now!


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Six Months

It is so hard to say this, but our sweet boy is SIX MONTHS OLD. I have probably said this in every single monthly update on Cameron since he was born but I can’t believe we have already lived six entire months with him. Sometimes it seems as though we have had him in our lives for our entire life. He has brought so much joy to us and our families. We couldn’t love this boy more!

In the past month he has become so independent and curious. He bends his body forward so he can grab at the littles things he sees. Sometimes it’s the straw to my cup, a tissue box, or one of his toys. He is sitting up on his own and I think he really loves the extra little bit of freedom he has. When laying in his bed I can see him trying to pull himself up so he can see me when I walk by his door! Cameron has tried a few solid foods, he loves peaches, pears, and sweet potatoes and hates avocado. If you saw my Instastory yesterday you would have seen him gagging at the taste of avocado! It was too funny not to share!
Since Cameron has hit his half birthday, I thought I would share with you my five favorite baby items. Keep on reading to see why we love each one!
1. SSKIP HOP EXPLORE AND MORE 3-STAGE ACTIVITY CENTER – I purchased this when Cameron turned five months. He was becoming more and more interested in things around him and I knew I wanted to get something that can have multi uses. I loved that this one has three different stages and that it can grow and change with him. Right now he loved sitting in it and playing with all of the toys that surround him.
2. DOCK-A-TOT – Cameron has slept in his Dock-A-Tot since the day he came home from the hospital. What I love most about the Dock-A-Tot is the portability. When Cameron was smaller, we would bring it into the living room and have him on the couch with us while we relaxed at night. He now sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot every night and I know he is comforted by it. I have recommended it to so many friends who now swear by theirs too.
3. SKIP HOP EXPLORE & MORE FOLLOW-ME BEE CRAWL TOY – After seeing this on another bloggers Instastories I immediately checked it out. Her little boy was sitting in his high chair loving this been and I just knew Cameron would too. We just received this on Saturday and already Cameron loves it. I lay him on his belly and he reaches for it over and over again. He also loves the bee rattle that comes off to play! Another multi-use item!
4. SKIP HOP COMPACT 2-IN-1 HIGH CHAIR/SHOPPING CART COVER – This is another new one for us but we have been loving it! Since Cameron can now sit up I knew I wanted to get a high chair and shopping cart cover. Seeing as how I clearly love SkipHop, I decided to check them out first. I loved the neutral pattern and that I can use it in multiple different ways. It makes shopping so much more enjoyable and gives me back the space in my shopping cart!
5. SKIPHOP MOONLIGHT & MELODIES SOOTHER – This soother might just be something we couldn’t live without. When Cameron was first born we would listen to the lullaby at night to help him fall asleep now that he is bigger we listen to the white noise sound at night and at nap time which helps him to sleep soundly all night long! I also love the stars projected on the ceiling! Cameron loves to stare at those!

Ever interested in more of our day to day life? Head on over to my Instagram and check out my Instastories for more videos!

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Cameron + Carters

In my opinion, Cameron looks good in almost anything. As we have been transitioning into the cooler months, I have been looking for all sorts of layering outfits for Cameron. I have searched high and low for the perfect fall transition pieces for him but have not always had the best luck. After heading to our local Carter’s store I was delighted to find all sorts of layering pieces that we picked up for the fall And the best part? I was also able to work towards getting $10 off a future purchase by being a member of the Rewarding Moments Loyalty Program!
Items that work best for us are casual and comfortable pieces that Cameron can easily nap in during the day. Sometimes it is fun to get dressed up but I try to keep his outfits simple and soft. Onesies work best for him since he is starting to become more and more mobile. I love this one because it has the most adorable hood!
Since Cameron was born, he has grown so fast. As a fashionista, I am always looking for new ways for Cameron and I to coordinate. It can become expensive to purchase clothing for him often, so I really appreciate programs like the Rewarding Moments Program at Carter’s. With the Rewarding Moments Program it makes it worth it to shop for Cameron. With every $100 you spend you receive $10. A few other amazing brands are also part of the Rewarding Moments Program such as SkipHop and OshKosh. Across all three brands you can use your rewards to purchase all sorts of items for your little one! Some other great perks worth mentioning are free birthday gifts, early access to new arrivals, and free shipping if you can’t find the item you want in store. The best part is it is absolutely FREE to join!

Click here to sign up!
Be sure to sign up for the Rewarding Moments Program at Carter’s, Osh Kosh and SkipHop and check out all of their new arrivals!

Thank you so much to Carter’s for partnering with me on this post.

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Five Months

Happy Monday all! Today’s post is short and sweet. I just wanted to check in and tell you all that Cameron is FIVE months! I cannot believe that FIVE months have already gone by with our sweet boy. It seems as soon as Cameron turned five months he became instantly smarter. Things just seemed to click in his head. He pays attention to our dog Brady more than he ever did, smiles at everyone he sees, and reacts to things in ways he has never before. It is so fun to watch him all day long seeing and trying new things. You may have seen it on my Instagram stories but he recently began jumping like crazy in his door jumper! He could jump for an entire hour and just be happy as a calm. He goes to daycare now which was hard for me at first however I think it has helped him to become more interactive and build his personality. He already has a wonderful happy personality but it seems as though recently he has become more talkative and loves people!

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!

XO, Michelle

Tips for More Rest for You and Baby

We all need a little more rest in our lives and finding rest as a new mother is tough.Since we have had Cameron in our lives for five months now I feel as though I am beginning to be able to get better on how we find more rest. Sometimes there are long days and long nights especially with working full time but it seems as though in our home we have been able to begin to shut down at the end of the night and truly appreciate those hours before bed time that we have with Cameron.
First I wanted to share five tips for more rest for your baby. Cameron still naps a ton thoughout the day and we have been blessed that, for the most part, he sleeps through the night. As any family does, we went through a rough patch where Cameron was up every few hours after sleeping throughout the night like a champ. For the most part now he is putting himself to sleep and staying asleep until about 6am. 
Here are my top five tips for more rest for your baby.
1. Keep on a schedule – Cameron naps almost about every 1.5-2 hours after he woke up from his last nap. I can tell he is getting crabby and can put him in his crib happy to put himself asleep. This helps him to be in a great mood all day long!
2. Play during awake time – Cameron and I spend tons of time doing activities while he is away. He jumps in his Graco Bumper Jumper, plays in his Skip Hop Activity Center, we read books, and do tummy time. For us I think it helps him to feel plenty sleepy by the end of the day.
3. Use white noise – When Cameron was a baby he would listen to Brahms Lullaby on repeat. After doing quite a bit of research I found that the lullaby on repeat was actually disrupting his sleep. White noise helps to cancel out the noise in the house and keeps him asleep longer. 
4. Find sleep products that work for you – For us we have a few products we swear by. The products that Cameron sleeps in every night are his DockATotNested Bean Zen Swaddle, room darkening shades, and his Skip Hop Owl Soother. All of these create a calm sleeping space for Cameron.
5. Practice a nightly routine – From the moment we brought Cameron home we started a sleep routine. Over the past few months we have changed and adapted his sleep routine but I think it helps to signal to him that it is bed time. Now I can put him into his bed and he will fall asleep on his own!
Finding more rest for myself is hard. I am always on the go and currently work full time. Even on the weekends it is hard for me to slow down for a minute. Since we have changed our life and added a little bundle of joy to our family, my rest has had to change. I have found a few ways that I can take a break and relax for a few minutes here and there and at the end of the day!
Here are my five tips for finding more rest for myself.
1. Have a routine – I mentioned above that it helps that we have a routine for Cameron but I also have a bed time routine. Before bed do a few things before getting into bed. This helps my brain to shut down and helps me to truly relax. Some things you can do is have a cup of tea, moisturize your skin, and read a few pages from your book.
2. Meditate – During the day if I am feeling stressed or just need a minute, I will find a quiet spot to sit and breathe for a few minutes. Remembering to breathe is essential and helps me to relax and calm down.
3. Find a great book – recently I shared two books I purchased online. One book, 365 Devotions to Embrace What Matters Most, is great to read in the morning. I usually start my day with the daily devotion and spend a few minutes reflecting on it. The next one I want to purchase, which I think is fitting, is 365 Devotions for Finding Rest.
4. Get some exercise – Exercising helps me to change my mind on whatever is currently happening in my life. I enjoy being able to work up a sweat and get out of my own head for a little bit.
5. Be thankful – Being thankful for my life and what I have is something that gives me more rest. When I take a minute to think about what I have been blessed with I am able to take a deep breath and relax. Always be thankful!