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Babbleboxx Party Perfect

Babbleboxx Party Perfect
So many holiday outings, so little time! The past few weeks have been jam packed with get together’s with friends and family and I know it is only going to get even more crazy as the weeks pass us by. With photos being posted all over everyone’s social media feeds I like to try to look and feel my best! With a curated box full of amazing goodies for me to share I have been working on my holiday glow, putting my best foot forward, and keeping my eyebrows on point! After using all of these goodies for a few weeks and wearing these amazing Vince Camuto: Chelsea Boot in cheetah print for days in a row, I am bringing you for tips and tricks on styling and using the items featured here courtesy of BabbleBoxx!

Whenever I am preparing for a party or outing, I am sure to have my eyebrows shaped just as I like them. I currently wax my eyebrows at home and have for years. Sometimes I end up purchasing wax that is messy and takes forever to heat up. After trying far too many products and hating them all I stumbled upon the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. This eyebrow shaper saves me so much time compared to other waxes because I don’t have to heat it up! You can check it out here.

Another product I have been swooning over is the Woosh Beauty: The Fold Out Face®. I am constantly doing my makeup on the go including in the car in parking lots and having everything I need in one place is so easy! I can through this entire pallet in my bag and be ready to go in minutes. I absolutely love the blush and eyeshadow colors! They work perfectly with my skin tone and comes with a 4 piece brush set! Shop it for 15% off with promocode BB15OFF here.
Babbleboxx Party PerfectMy all time favorite scent to wear is anything rose and I have been absolutely loving the ROSÉ RUSH Paris Hilton Perfume! It is something that I think I am going to be wearing every day. It is clean and feminine and I love the gorgeous bottle! Not to mention it makes the perfect gift for her! Find out more about this perfume here.

Okay, so here is a true confession from me… I have always had a weird obsession with my teeth! I am constantly brushing them, flossing, and using whitening products. Up until my sophomore year of college, I wanted to be a dentist! Too bad I never made that happen! Anyways, I have been loving my new Primal Life: Dental Kit. It has been so perfect for keeping my teeth just the way I like them! My favorite product from the kit is the 100% all Natural Boost Whitening Paste. It is so hard to come across all natural products for your teeth that really work and this one does! You can shop this kit for 20% off with code PLOBOXX17 here.

Babbleboxx Party PerfectShare with me below your favorite ways to get ready for holiday parties! I’d love to hear!

Thank you to BabbleBoxx for sponsoring this post!

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