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Lumberjack Mom & Me Halloween Costume

Today we got a little silly on the blog! I have been so excited to bring to you mine and Cameron’s Halloween costumes this year that I thought I would start this week. We have a whole series planned for you with this being our first of three costumes! After searching high and low for family costumes we came up with a few that are partially DIY costumes that can be found for less than $30!

After my search I came across this Lumberjack Costume for Cameron and thought it was the cutest thing! It is a little bit more expensive at $27 but I thought it was too cute to pass up. I originally loved the beard but after seeing it in person I decided Cameron looks much cuter without a beard. I also knew that we would both make pretty cute lumberjacks and I could make my costume out of things I already had in my closet! I know I have a ton of plaid shirts already in my closet but if you wanted one to match your little guy I linked the one I purchased here. The only things I did not have in my closet were a pair of suspenders and an orange hat to match my little man!
This costume was easy for us because Cameron’s did not need any DIYing or searching for pieces. I love to DIY costumes but I don’t have as much time as I use to. Last year Mark and I were “Hey Arnold” and “Helga” and a lot of DIYing took place for that! I created marks hat with hair all on my own!
This year we have a few parties to go to so our three costumes will be put to good use! Stay tuned for next week’s costume which is just as cute as can be!
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