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Six Months

It is so hard to say this, but our sweet boy is SIX MONTHS OLD. I have probably said this in every single monthly update on Cameron since he was born but I can’t believe we have already lived six entire months with him. Sometimes it seems as though we have had him in our lives for our entire life. He has brought so much joy to us and our families. We couldn’t love this boy more!

In the past month he has become so independent and curious. He bends his body forward so he can grab at the littles things he sees. Sometimes it’s the straw to my cup, a tissue box, or one of his toys. He is sitting up on his own and I think he really loves the extra little bit of freedom he has. When laying in his bed I can see him trying to pull himself up so he can see me when I walk by his door! Cameron has tried a few solid foods, he loves peaches, pears, and sweet potatoes and hates avocado. If you saw my Instastory yesterday you would have seen him gagging at the taste of avocado! It was too funny not to share!
Since Cameron has hit his half birthday, I thought I would share with you my five favorite baby items. Keep on reading to see why we love each one!
1. SSKIP HOP EXPLORE AND MORE 3-STAGE ACTIVITY CENTER – I purchased this when Cameron turned five months. He was becoming more and more interested in things around him and I knew I wanted to get something that can have multi uses. I loved that this one has three different stages and that it can grow and change with him. Right now he loved sitting in it and playing with all of the toys that surround him.
2. DOCK-A-TOT – Cameron has slept in his Dock-A-Tot since the day he came home from the hospital. What I love most about the Dock-A-Tot is the portability. When Cameron was smaller, we would bring it into the living room and have him on the couch with us while we relaxed at night. He now sleeps in his Dock-A-Tot every night and I know he is comforted by it. I have recommended it to so many friends who now swear by theirs too.
3. SKIP HOP EXPLORE & MORE FOLLOW-ME BEE CRAWL TOY – After seeing this on another bloggers Instastories I immediately checked it out. Her little boy was sitting in his high chair loving this been and I just knew Cameron would too. We just received this on Saturday and already Cameron loves it. I lay him on his belly and he reaches for it over and over again. He also loves the bee rattle that comes off to play! Another multi-use item!
4. SKIP HOP COMPACT 2-IN-1 HIGH CHAIR/SHOPPING CART COVER – This is another new one for us but we have been loving it! Since Cameron can now sit up I knew I wanted to get a high chair and shopping cart cover. Seeing as how I clearly love SkipHop, I decided to check them out first. I loved the neutral pattern and that I can use it in multiple different ways. It makes shopping so much more enjoyable and gives me back the space in my shopping cart!
5. SKIPHOP MOONLIGHT & MELODIES SOOTHER – This soother might just be something we couldn’t live without. When Cameron was first born we would listen to the lullaby at night to help him fall asleep now that he is bigger we listen to the white noise sound at night and at nap time which helps him to sleep soundly all night long! I also love the stars projected on the ceiling! Cameron loves to stare at those!

Ever interested in more of our day to day life? Head on over to my Instagram and check out my Instastories for more videos!

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