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Red Gingham

With the 4th of July right around the corner, I have been outfit planning for our different outings. For me planning an outfit in advance takes the stress out of getting ready. If I already have something planned to wear I am able to get out of the house quicker which is crucial now that we have a baby. I have even begun planning his outfits in advance which makes life so much easier! 
I recently received this adorable gingham dress and have been dying to wear it. Gingham has been one of my favorite trends for the summer the past two years. I love this Off-the-shoulder Gingham Look and this Ruffle Gingham Romper that I just wore the other day! Anything gingham would be so perfect for the 4th of July, especially this dress! There’s something about gingham that reminds me so much of picnics and summertime it seems like every year I get a few pieces that are gingham!
Since I have commented a ton on my must haves for Cameron, I also wanted to touch on two things we couldn’t live without. My favorite thing that I own for Cameron is my ‘Quinny’ Diaper Bag. Not only does it have my last name in it but it also is great for either Mark or I to carry around and feel comfortable. I knew I didn’t want a bag that was super girly because Mark would need to carry it as well. This one has been amazing. It is HUGE and holds everything we need plus more. I use it as my purse on a day to day basis especially when I am out with Cameron and it also doubles as a backpack which makes taking Cameron out shopping so much easier. We also couldn’t live without his carseat/stroller system. I went with the Maxi-Cosi Kaia & Mico Nxt Travel System because of it’s portability and also safety features. It is so easy to take Cameron in and out of the car in one swoop without waking him up.
Taking Cameron out has been one of my favorite things to do. I head back to work on July 3rd and have been treasuring every moment I have left with Cameron! He is lucky to be able to stay at home for the rest of the summer with  my mom but in the meantime we have been doing all sorts of things. We have gone swimming, on a few road trips, and out to dinner a ton of times. We have made new friends and reconnected with old ones! It has been such a great summer so far and I can’t wait to have a million more summers with him!
Shop this perfect for the 4th dress below!

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