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Over the past two weeks I have been spending a ton of time observing Cameron’s sleeping patterns. During his naps I would spend some time watching how he moved his arms, whether he turned his head, and monitored the lengths of his naps. I have been trying to see if he had started a schedule or if we were still sort of in the newborn phase of just napping whenever he was ready. One thing I noticed while monitoring him was that he was breaking out of his swaddle like baby hulk. When that kept happening I knew it was time to transition our sweet baby boy out of swaddling with his arms down. For his first few months the only way to get him to sleep and to stay asleep was to have his arms swaddled down. I started to do some research and came across The Nested Bean’s Swaddle Transition Plan. I was so excited to see that there was a step by step plan to help mothers like myself transition their babies out of their swaddle sucessfully. The next day I started slowly with his naps.
I started off this naps fully swaddled and watched to see which arm he was breaking out of his swaddle. You can see in the photo above that he is not wanting to be swaddled at all! For his first nap he ended up with the swaddle covering his face because he has been self soothing with his hands. Since I knew he had been self soothing I knew it wasn’t going to be long until he lost his moro or startle reflex. He had been getting better control of his hands day after day and pretty soon he would be able to sleep without his hands in his swaddle at all!
The Zen Swaddle has a little weighted bean in the center of the swaddle that mimics your touch. There are also weighted sections on the sides of the swaddle that do the same. I noticed the first time I put the swaddle on Cameron he was a little unsure about it. After using the swaddle for a few naps It seemed like he loved it more and more. As soon as I laid him down and put the weighted section over his chest and belly it seemed that he had a sense of calm wash over him.
For his second nap of the day I swaddled him with just one arm in. This proved to be very helpful because he no longer was pulling the swaddle over his head. I was happy to know that I didn’t have to go in and remove the swaddle over his face multi times during the night. We put him to bed this way for a few nights in a row and he begun sleeping for 5 or 6 hour stretches! This was great for my husband and I who were starting to feel a little hopeless and exhausted! After a few more nights of watching Cameron we decided to swaddle him without either of his arms tucked in and as you can see above that made him very happy! Now he sleeps with both of his arms framing his face and still sleeps for 5 or 6 hour stretches. The best part is if he does wake up he soothes himself back to sleep with his little hands.
The Nested Bean’s Swaddle Transition Plan proved to help us greatly. After trying a few different swaddles I couldn’t be happier with the Zen Swaddle. In a few months we will be transitioning Cameron into his Zen Sack! I loved the Friendly Fox print so much that I got both in the same print! The Zen Swaddle Premier is also great for these warm months ahead of us. I feel comfortable having Cameron in the soft bamboo fabric that is moisture wicking and keeps him cool all night long. 
If you are interested in reading more about their transition plan you can find it HERE!

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