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A friend once told me “your hair is a three step process” and I couldn’t have agreed more at the statement. Ever since I can remember my hair has been quite the challenge for me. I would love to have hair that I can quickly blow dry to the perfect straightness or curls that I can just whip together with some styling cream but that has never been the case. From being extremely thick to becoming damaged easily my hair has always had a mind of it’s own. Although I like to complain, I have been able to achieve a curl that I love and has become my own. With the help of some amazing styling tools and a knowledgeable hair dresser (thank you Gracie!) I am able to achieve a style that I love! My tools have evolved over the past few years and my recent favorite are the T3 Micro Hair Styling Tools. Keep reading to see how I achieve my loose curls!

My hair styling process typically starts with wet hair after I shower. I will then apply a styling cream that will lock in my frizz and seal my ends. One of my favorites is Aveda Damage Remedy. This one was recommended to me by my hair dresser and it is great for when you are straightening your hair as well as curling your hair. It helps to prevent future split ends as well! I also LOVE the Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother. This product leaves my hair frizz free and helps me to style my hair faster and keep my style in all day. To dry my hair I use the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer and Brush. I love the nozzle which helps to aim the air where I need it. I always finish with a blast of cool air to help lock in my style. The brush is amazing too! I have always found it to be too hard to use a round brush on my own hair but this one is simple for me to use and creates a smooth finish.
Often I will take a few extra minutes to perfect my curls with a curling iron but when I am on the go I will simply use my flat iron to smooth out my roots and then create a curl on the end. I have found this to be the quickest way to get out of the house in the morning. The T3 SinglePass™ Luxe Professional Straightening and Styling Iron can create smooth, waves, or curls simply and easily with just one tool. I have found it works while my hair is short or long! It also helps to eliminate frizz and glides through my hair so easily. I take strands of my hair and simply wrap them around the iron and hold it for a few seconds. It creates the perfect wave! The T3 Micro Hair Styling Tools have taken my 3 step process into a two step process! I know they will come in handy when I am a new mom and need to get out of the door quickly!
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