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Week after week, countless hours go into meal planning for my husband and I and although I find it to be satisfying, budget friendly, and rewarding to cook for ourselves, I know I would love to regain that time that I spent planning with my family. I have looked into many different options such as meal planning calendars and programs however nothing has proven to be quite as easy as Hello Fresh has been! With a baby on the way and the hours in the day seemingly getting shorter and shorter it is hard to cook nutritional meals for my husband and I that take out the guess work and planning!

Some of my favorite things about Hello Fresh are the fresh ingredients, easy step by step instructions, and the fact that there is no waste! The serving size is perfect for my husband and I. For this dish I made the Crispy Shrimp Tacos. Shrimp is one of my favorite things to cook because of how fast it takes to cook it. It was perfect for me to make after a long day which included a late workout. I was able to cook it within 15 minutes!
I just loved the spicy slaw that came with the meal and all of the crispiness of the shrimp! We received 6 flour tortillas with the meal which meant we each got three and I had some left over slaw for lunch the next day!
If you haven’t tried out Hello Fresh yet, it is something I definitely recommend! Use promocode BYQUINN35 for $35 off your first box!
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