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Age Defying with Tria

This year I entered into my 27th year and as I continue to get older I think more and more about skincare and my overall health. When I got the chance to try out the Tria Age Defying Laser I instantly felt as though my life was going to change. My skin would become smoother and more radiant and I would be able to start worrying less about the years of damage I had done to my skin throughout high school and college. Unfortunately, like many people my age, I had worked at a tanning salon and went tanning day in and day out. As I grew older and more knowledgeable about the effects tanning has on your skin I begun to stop tanning and focused on having healthy skin rather then the perfectly bronzed skin.

As with my other Tria laser (find more on it here) I have found that I have been able to achieve results within the first few weeks of using it. They are both proven safe and effective and FDA-cleared which is so important to me when I use anything on my body. After using my Tria Age Defying Laser for a few weeks, I ended up gifting one to my mother who I knew would just love how safe and effective it is. In just a month she was able to see tightening in her neck and on her chin. She couldn’t get over the results that she saw so fast. For myself, I have seen that my skin is more radiant and youthful and although I have discontinued the use of my laser while I am pregnant, I can’t wait to start using it again after our baby is born to continue treating my skin!
The Tria Age Defying Laser saved me tons of time and money on treatments I would normally do at an estheticians office or the dermatologist since I am able to do it all at home and only have to purchase the laser once! It would also make an amazing gift for a beauty and skincare lover! Shop all of the items in this post below!

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